Strategy - Moti Engineering Plc Addis Ababa Ethiopia


Moti Engineering strategy aims at shaping and reshaping the company's businesses and products so that they yield target profits and growth. Therefore it has adapted to pursue Market Oriented Strategic Planning to develop and maintain a viable fit between the organization's objective, skill, and resources and its changing market Opportunities. To realize this strategy Moti Engineering has taken actions in three key areas:

  1. Each business has a different profit potential, and the company's resources should be allocated accordingly.
  2. Assessing accurately each business by considering the market's growth rate and the company's position and fit in that market. It is not sufficient to use the current sales and profit as a guide. 
  3. The third key area of strategic planning is strategy for each of its businesses; a company must develop a plan to achieving its long range objective.


Moti Engineering has technical support staff in the product it provides.

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